Project “INFO PULT” 2005 – 2015
September 26, 2016
Project “Voucher system for counseling services”
September 26, 2016


Foundation for SME development Kumanovo is actively involved in the Self-employment Programme with grant since 2007 and for each upcoming year standard letter of agreement is signed with APERM regulating the obligations of the signers.  Self-employment Programme provides advisory and financial support to generate 950 sustainable employments respectively 950 self- employments in 900 small businesses established.
The purpose of this program is the activation of the labor market and job creation by stimulating demand in the labor market, alignment of supply and demand of labor in accordance with the needs of the labor market, improving the supply of labor, and reducing the grey economy.

Applicants interested in the self-employment programme are registered by the Employment Service Agency. Once the selection/pre-screening is undertaken, the successful candidates receive training on business planning and management; access to financial markets, marketing and promotion. Subsequently, through a voucher scheme, the business consultants of the Agency for Promotion of Entrepreneurship (APERM) provide support to the successful candidates in developing their business ideas into business plans.