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September 26, 2016
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September 26, 2016

Project title

Social cohesion through investments in Human resources

Lead Partner(name/country)

Alliance for regional and civil initiatives (ARCI) – Blagoevgrad branch,  Republic of Bulgaria


Foundation for small and medium enterprises development – Kumanovo, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Priority axis

Axis 1: Economic Development and Social Cohesion

Area of intervention

1.2 Social cohesion

Duration(in months)


Project Objectives

Overall objective:

“Fostering the economic potential and the social cohesion of the cross-border region Blagoevgrad– Kumanovo”

Specific objectives:

  1. “Improving the adaptability and mobility of the workforce”
  2. “Human resources development through vocational training and retraining in the Manufacturing sector”
  3. “Active involvement of vulnerable groups in the employment process”
  4. “Establishment of a cross-border cooperation network, promoting initiatives for education and employment”

Project Activities

1. “Organisation of Project implementation“

2. “Provision of accounting services and preparation of Tender dossiers”

3. “Visualization and publicity”

4. „Identification of discouraged people in Bulgaria and FYROM and conducting of motivation training”

5.Elaboration of a“Needs analysis in the Manufacturing sector Good practices in human resources management”

6. “Conducting of two seminars in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria  and Kumanovo, FYROM”

7. “Conducting of qualification and re-qualification trainings in Manufacturing sector in both countries”

8. “Conducting of a Cross-border forum and job fair in Blagoevgrad”

9. “Technical and financial reporting”

Target Groups

Target groups:

1. Discouraged and inactive people /unemployed/

2. People of vulnerable groups, incl. people with disabilities

3. Employed in Manufacturing sector

Direct beneficiaries:

1. SMEs from the Manufacturing sector

2. Labour office directorates and labour mediators

3.Educational institutions

Final beneficiaries:

1. The population of the municipality of Blagoevgard /Republic of Bulgaria/

2. The population of the municipality of Kumanovo /FYROM/

This project is co-financed by the European Union

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Download Needs analysis in the Manufacturing sector and Good practices in human resources management