Project „Social Inclusion trough Social Networks among CSO and Social Entrepreneurship“(4SNET)

Women entrepreneurs in innovative and competitive companies, the key to progress in global market development.
January 11, 2017
Project „Innovation Hub: Comparative Advantage for Greater Competitiveness“
April 15, 2018

“Enhanced Involvement of Civil Society in the EU Integration Reforms“ EuropeAid/138660/ID/ACT/MK
Project „Social Inclusion trough Social Networks among CSO and Social Entrepreneurship“(4SNET).
Contract No. 12-7456/1

The project focuses on the needs of the both regions, in line with developing competences of people that have not been in employment coming from different disadvantaged backgrounds. The project offers innovative and interactive ways of capacity (skills, knowledge and attitudes) building of interested individuals and organizations that will be able to use the online platform to learn trough online courses, but also learn from each other through online activities. Besides the online learning, trainings and a study visit will be organized. The project focuses on the need in the cross border region for development of employability skills and self-responsible attitude towards employment. Beside the direct answer of the needs of the unemployed citizens in the regions it also offers space for development of competencies (skills, attitudes, knowledge) of already successful entrepreneurs towards an inclusive approach in their work. Its activities are innovative and are using a blended approach between online and offline context. The outcomes of the project will be used by different stakeholders (schools, VET institutions, companies) in the CB region. The project is a continuous work that should be implemented in the regions and offers a new and fresh perspective towards inclusive, equal and fast developing societies.
The bottom-up approach will be utilized for the organisation of regional CSO networks defining common interest of CSOs organisations. The organisations, part of this Action, have diverse experience and will cover the topic from different perspectives, thus bringing a wide range of expertise. The proposed project will strongly emphasize the need for civil society organisations to be empowered to act as effective and accountable independent actors.
Although in the both regions operate a large number of CSO’s and institutions, there is no cooperation of CSO’s and institutions acting in the field of the social inclusion. The implementation of activities focused on the networking of the CSO’s and institutions working in the field of the social inclusion in both regions will result with improved environment for development of relationships.
Prepared study and Developed Network, will include data of contacts of CSO’s organization, which will facilitate establishing of the relationships between the network members from the both regions. Also project will facilitate the exchange of experiences and communication between institutions and CSO’s.
Also Established Virtual network of CSO’s who working in the area of social inclusion will become a partner of institutions and authorities in the priority sector reform processes, which will lead to the improved political participatory process and will enable transfer of knowledge and best practice in the social inclusion and social entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, the network aims at becoming an online community for CSOs and at developing into a global collaborative ecosystem, which is conducive to CSO’s through online information and knowledge exchange, including the sharing of best practices. Network membership will be open to those interested in social inclusion and social entrepreneurs.

The overall objective is: to foster the inclusion and access of disadvantaged people and improvement of labor market conditions for young people.

The specific objectives are:
1. To improve the soft skills and qualification of disadvantaged people and young people;
2. To increase motivation and to actively involve vulnerable groups in the employment process;
3. To establish a cooperation of social network, promoting initiatives for quality education and employment.
4. Strengthening the capacities of CSOs via social networks

Target groups of the project are: 80 person with disabilities, 60 people living in remote and rural areas and 50 discouraged and inactive people will be influenced by the project activities.

Beneficiaries are: Local CSO’s, Local authorities in both regions, Labour office directorates, labour mediators, other institutions working in the field of social inclusion – 50; Education institutions, business – 20; General Population of Stip, Vinica, Kumanovo, Kriva Palanka municipalities

Main activities:
Activity 1 – Building partners’ capacity through exchanges of experiences and best;
Activity 2 – Identification and Engagement of Representatives of the target groups;
Activity 3 – Visibility, Communication & Dissemination;
Activity 4 – Conducting of motivation trainings;
Activity 5 – “Leading Change” – Social entrepreneurship (SE);
Activity 6 – International Forum for Social entrepreneurship (SE);.
Activity 7 – Project management, monitoring and evaluation

• Elaborated needs analysis of the target groups;
• Methodology with profiles of participants in the project for their identification;
• Identified and engaged at least 50 representative of the target group;
• Conducted four motivational trainings in Stip, Vinica, Kumanovo and Kriva Palanka;
• Conducted three new IT technologies seminars (E-network, E-commerce and E-innovation). Conducted two trainings for social entrepreneurship (SE) in Stip, Vinica, Kumanovo and Kriva Palanka;
• At least 50 disadvantaged people with enhanced soft skills and qualification;
• Elaborated 1 online platform for exchange of information;
• Conducted 1 Forum for Social entrepreneurship;

• Provided at least 30 consultations in identifying an opportunity and creating a business model, and for preparation for job interview;

Total duration of the project: 18 months