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Project SELF EMPLOYMENT current
October 11, 2016
Women entrepreneurs in innovative and competitive companies, the key to progress in global market development.
January 11, 2017
Project title Bulgarian – Macedonian Cross Border Cooperation for Capacity building for Competitiveness and Innovation
Lead Partner(name/country) Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MANU), Macedonia
Partners Foundation for small and medium enterprises development Kumanovo, Macedonia; Bulgarian Academy of Science, Bulgaria and Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kyustendil, Bulgaria+smr_project_activities_bg
Priority axis Competitiveness
Specific objective 3.1 Improving the competitiveness of regional businesses
Duration (in months) 15 (18.10.2016 – 17.01.2018)
Total budget (in €) 109511,62
Project Activities Main aim of the project is to increase capacities for
(describe results/benefits to be achieved by this project)
Target Groups Direct target groups: (1) will Companies. Administration companies where they conduct a (2) detailed analysis (public sector, schools, in institutions that promote to of the work/processes order to find elements development small and medium enterprises). (3) improve their of work processes in terms of increased Consultants, and other organizations in the productivity, NGOs,
exports, developing new products and field services, of C & I. new ways of entrepreneurial behavior and so on. (5) The fifth groups: activity (1) refers to summarizing Indirect target Media. (2) Citizens of the the border (3) Other regions that are not analyzed results region. of the project, drawing conclusions and in this project (GB, to BG further and SRB)
(describe main target groups that cooperation. (will benefit from project results and outputs))