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Foundation for Small and Medium Enterprises Development Kumanovo was founded on 25.02.1999

The foundation was formed upon initiative of the Commune of the city of Kumanovo and the European Union (PHARE program) with a primary goal of enabling support and development of the small and medium enterprises and unemployed people who want to start their own business in our country and out of borders.

According with the mission of the foundation the members of our team continuously educated themselves by visiting seminars and lectures from the field of business.


In the past period the foundation have realized a number of activities connected with the support of SME in many fields of their work.
Foundation has implemented a number of projects for unemployed people who want to start their own business.

Foundation for Small and Medium Enterprises Development has 4.400 members.

The Foundation has established contacts with a number of business associations, international organizations that implement projects to support development of SMEs sector, financial institutions in the country and abroad as well as number of offices for business contacts in the embassies of European countries in Macedonia.

More specifically, the Foundation for SMEs Development enables to small and medium enterprises in the region and beyond their rapid and dynamic development by identifying their real needs, offering projects and programs of assistance and support, correct and appropriate information and capacity of newly established companies which allows development of the companies and leading successful, sustainable and profitable businesses.

In the last few years, the foundation is completely focused on the category of the unemployed persons who want to start their own business, a category where we intensively help through processes of education, strengthening their capacities, technical advisory assistance and providing access to quality financial and non- financial services market.


  • Providing consultancy services
  • Education, informing and promotion of SMEs
  • Education of unemployed persons wishing to start their own business
  • Preparation and implementation of government projects for development of SMEs sector and self-employment projects (foundation is the coordinator of several projects in the region funded by the Government of the Republic Macedonia)
  • Preparation and implementation of EU projects
  • Implementation of projects for support and development of SME sector and unemployed people willing to start their own business
  • Preparation and implementation of other projects, strategies, studies, marketing plans, action plans, financial analysis, market research, new product development
  • Logistics and organizational services
  • Economy field counselling

"Reduce unemployment, higher the living standards, enlarge the number of small and medium enterprises, increase business development and the presence of entrepreneurship, competitiveness and innovation in business development "

The VISION of the Foundation for SMEs Development


The Foundation has realized projects in the field of economy (SMEs), Governmental projects for to support SMEs and self-employment (reduction of unemployment and improvement of the quality of living), projects for the development of entrepreneurship, projects in the field of competitiveness and innovation, education projects, as well as social, cultural and business projects.

The Foundation has three employees regularly and has established a permanent business - technical cooperation with 16 consultants.


  • Complete support and dynamic development of the SME sector and the unemployed people who want to start their own business in the region and beyond.
  • Construction of a favorable economic environment
  • Promotion of Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness and Innovation
  • Implementing programmes and projects to support entrepreneurship and the creation of more competitive small businesses