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As regards to the implementation of relevant projects and programmes supported by budgetary and supporter funds, the Foundation for SMEs Development implements a series of activities to support entrepreneurship and SME sector in the region and beyond.

The foundation has developed a mechanism to support the development of entrepreneurship and the SME sector. It aims, through specific projects and programmes, to encourage self-employment among unemployed people, to help existing SMEs active in the development of their own business and develop local and regional markets advisory and consultancy.

The foundation (a regional centre) is actively involved through the government institution APERM (Agency for Promotion of Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Macedonia) in the implementation of three programmes:

  • Voucher System of Counseling (programme that offers support to potential and sustainable entrepreneurs who wish to implement a business idea or need a certain professional consulting service by advisors (consultants) from the authorized network of consultants in APERM.
  • Info Desk (programme that provides information and advisory services in specific contract activity of existing enterprises and unemployed people in starting their own business, implementation of assistance programmes, information and advice of potential entrepreneurs and SMEs, and other activities that are the basis for exploring the needs of entrepreneurs in order to create tools and measures for their more qualified and rapid economic development).
  • Self-employment (programme which is designed mainly for unemployed people willing to start their own business, a programme that offers advisory assistance to the unemployed, education, development of professional businessplan, company registration and financing costs in the amount of 185.000 MKD for starting a business).

The Foundation for SMEs Development also continuously implements European (supporters) projects dealing with supporting and capacity building of unemployed persons willing to start their own business and supporting existing enterprises for their dynamic and effective economic development.

The foundation has a professional team for writing supporting projects, writing project-offers funded by the European Union, project implementation, monitoring and evaluation.