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The training programmes (education) are set according to the different levels of organizational structure, basic and integrated advanced training for:

  • Permanent entrepreneurs
  • Start-up entrepreneurs
  • Potential entrepreneurs
  • Training upon client’s request

The trainings are planned for personal development of candidates and business development of companies and organizations.

The practical trainings take place in a realistic interactive environment. The trainings are adjusted to the needs and requirements of the customers, keeping in mind the client’s desired field type targeted for development.

Our programme and trainings module are based on case studies, and we are mostly focused on achieving maximum involvement of participants in the training process.

As a result of many years of working with many potential and existing entrepreneurs in the region, we have developed our own methodologies and education modules.


Below we will give an overview of some of the trainings provided by the expert team of consultants of the Foundation for SMEs Development - Kumanovo:

  • Training for management / strategic management / financial management
  • Training for marketing / advanced marketing / sales promotion
  • Training for managing business processes
  • Training for finance
  • Training for entrepreneurship
  • Training for innovation and competitiveness
  • Training for managing human resources
  • Training for advanced skills in effective communication
  • Training for negotiation skills
  • Training for team building
  • Training for business plan
  • Motivational training
  • Training for starting own business
  • Training for projects financed by European funds
  • Training for management and evaluation of projects funded by European presenters