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The companies in our region and beyond in recent years are becoming more aware of the need of professional consulting services.
The Foundation for SMEs Development provides full support of a wide range integrated professional consulting services at European level, professional services that can provide effectiveness, constancy and successful development of any business.

Through the consulting services that we offer to the market, your business may take advantage of the efficiency and effectiveness of already proven best business practices.

Teamwork and our proficiency in many business areas, guarantees good practices and opportunities for development of your own business and positive business results by providing professional discretion and confidence.

The foundation has a solid team of external collaborators (professional consultants with many years of work experience in different areas) which cooperates with in the accomplishment of various types of tasks.

If required, we hire additional consultants for specific areas of counseling from the authorized network of advisers at APERM.

As your future consultants we will always work united, in order to successfully develop your business ideas, to create the most effective business strategy and implement the best solution for your potential or permanent business.


The way we work in the field of consultancy can be presented through the following stages:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the current situation (screening)
  • Preparation of a mediation plan
  • Intervention and improving the process
  • Monitoring the implementation of activities
  • Controlling and monitoring

The main benefits of our consulting services are:

  • Reducing of costs
  • Increasing of profits
  • Maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the working process
  • Reducing inventory (optimal inventories)
  • Eliminating delay and "weak spots"
  • Optimal use of available resources
  • Effective planning
  • Increasing the staff capacity
  • Increasing the capacity of the unemployed persons (potential entrepreneurs)
  • Development of new start-up businesses